Kuroi the cat here, filling in for Kyra.  I mean I should know more about cats because I am one….

1.  Indoor cats do NOT need flea prevention………..FICTION!  Indoor cats can still get fleas.  They can come inside on people’s clothes or even with those pesky dogs.

2.  Cats do NOT need rabies vaccines…..FICTION!  Even if your cat stays inside, it’s the LAW in most places to have your cat up to date!  Bats can get inside your house or worse we can accidentally bite someone, but I wouldn’t do that!

3.  Cats do NOT need to see the veterinarian yearly………..FICTION!  Cats are really good at hiding and masking diseases until it’s too late!  It’s important that your vet examines your cat and possibly runs bloodwork on them!

4.  I bet you can see where this whole fact or fiction this is going.  Us cats think that we are so sneaky!

5.  Cats only need one litterbox and it should be scooped weekly………..FICTION!  The rule is to have one litterbox per cat plus one!!  So for a two cat household, you need three boxes.  And they should be cleaned daily!

6.  It is normal for cats to have bad breath……..FICTION!  Cats may have gingivitis and may require oral surgery with extractions along with routine dental cleanings (scaling and polishing).

7.  Cats prefer a crazy, hectic lifestyle…………..FICTION!  While we are good at hiding it, we do stress out over the littlest things!  If your cat begins with any abnormal behavior see the vet!

8.  Cats are supposed to be fat and happy……….FICTION (partially)!  We should not be overweight, fat cats can get diabetes, arthritis, and sometimes breathing problems.  But yes, we are to be the happy rulers of your home!