Watson here filling in for Kyra, because Kyra doesn’t get into any trouble.  As you can see I DO get myself into trouble!  This is me (trying to look innocent) while unrolling a toilet paper roll.  I thought it looked like fun and wanted to get my owners attention.  Wouldn’t you know it actually worked!  I then got a kong toy filled with a banana.  It kept me busy for quite awhile!

So what are enrichment toys?  They are toys that we have to work at to get the treat out of, while stimulating our minds and keeping us out of trouble!  I enjoy my kong filled with bananas and frozen dog food and Kyra enjoys her Kong Wobbler.  Another brand we have tried is the busy buddy toy line, they have a variety of different toys.  The secret (which I am lucky to know) is to use high value treats when first using the toys.  High value treats are treats that your pets don’t get very often but will do anything to get those treats.  If you just use dog food or any every day treat, your pet may be discouraged with the toy and may not feel it is worth working that hard for the treat.  So go ahead try an enrichment toy with your pet and enjoy watching them try to figure out their new toy!!