Watson here, filling in for Kyra.  So I now live with a little human.  Things have definitely changed but thankfully some things are still the same.  I still get fed at the same time (hey I like knowing when my next meal will be and let me tell you I expect it to be on time!)  Now that the little guy is becoming more mobile, I am put in my crate so that I can eat peacefully and not have to worry about him trekking over to steal my food.  I still get to go on walks, but as you can see from below, now walk times sometimes include the baby.  I don’t mind sharing my time as long as I still get to release all of my energy so that I don’t have to destroy any of the baby’s toys to get my owner’s attention!  I am curious why a baby gets more toys than me, but as long as my owners are giving me plenty of attention I really don’t mind!  Every once and awhile I do try out some of the baby stuff, I do find the boppy pillow to be quite comfortable.   My owners don’t make me sit still so that he can pet me, if I am uncomfortable I can walk away.  While I don’t think I would ever intentionally bite the little guy, I just can’t make any promises as I am a dog and those flight and fight responses can happen at any moment!  I am really liking this new baby thing because I think we are going to be buddies.

Watson walk