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I’m a doberwoman and everyone knows I am a doberwoman, but some of my furry friends don’t know their heritage. But there is a way to find out their breeds of origin! There is a DNA test that can be done to determine their main breeds and if they carry certain genes that are prevalent in those breeds. For example, my cousin Bolt, he is pretty cool looking but without the DNA test he wouldn’t know what breeds he is from. Would you have guessed he’s an Australian Cattle, Boxer Mix and Toy Poodle Mix? And we found out he’s a carrier for a certain heart disease that Boxers are susceptible to, so if there are any early signs of heart disease, his owners know to be proactive and aggressive in diagnostics!

The DNA test is super easy and more importantly, it’s painless, it’s a simple blood draw. There’s no exam needed, but your owners should call to make sure we have the test in stock. While I realize, all of us furry friends need love just the same, sometimes it’s neat to know where we came from and if we’re at higher risk for certain medical conditions!

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