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Kyra's Korner


By June 1, 2015 July 26th, 2022 No Comments

Both Kuroi (the cat) and myself are microchipped! I have no idea why they microchipped the cat. Who cares if he escapes and runs free, that’s what he gets for running away and not realizing how good he has it! Sorry I am getting a little side tracked. I didn’t even feel it when they microchipped me. I was awake when it was placed, the microchip is so small it’s about the size of a grain of rice (see the picture below). If I ever decided to wander away or was stolen by someone, the shelter or a veterinarian would scan me for a microchip. That microchip corresponds to my address and owner’s contact information so that we could be reunited! It’s a permanent form of identification, whereas my collars (yes I have several collars) can be removed. While I never plan on running away, I know my owners would rather prevent a disaster and they would be pretty upset if Kuroi escaped and was lost. But they’d have some reassurance knowing that we are microchipped and we could be reunited with them!

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