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I consider myself a very friendly dog. But truthfully I prefer to socialize with just people. Don’t let my size fool you, I am intimidated by other dogs. And really I just put up with Kuroi, the cat. Thankfully my owners know how to introduce other dogs to me! They are fostering a puppy for my grandparents. I met the little guy outside on neutral ground with both of us on a leash so that he couldn’t actually use those sharp teeth on me. We were allowed to walk around together outside, it was like they were trying to wear us out or something! When we were nice and tired we got to go inside, you can see Bolt (pictured above) was so tuckered out he lay on the air vent. Even though it has been several days that I have been hosting this little guy, he is still always on a leash in the house! This way he can’t chase the cat or me for that matter! (It also helps with house breaking.) If we are given treats, we both get one and Bolt is actually put in his “home” (crate) until we are both done eating it. And that goes for feeding time too! I think if I absolutely had to share my home with him, I could learn to put up with him. But truthfully I will be excited when I am the only dog again!!

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