Since my brother and I cannot speak human, we do our best to give cues as to what we need or want! For example when I whine and stand by the door, that means I need to go outside to go to the bathroom. Unlike Kuroi who will go right outside his litterbox if he feels that it is not clean enough for his standards. I also know when it is time to eat, they ask me if I am from Germany or Hungary. (I know dobermans are from Germany but if I want fed I must bark when they say ‘hungry’). Now Kuroi doesn’t do many cool things but the one thing he can do is get us fresh water! We have an automatic waterer and if it is empty, he will stand in the shower. No other time will he do this! I guess he’s not so bad after all. Now if we give any new cues or act differently it can mean we are not feeling the best, and they make sure to pay attention to all of our cues!

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