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I am so excited for the Riverview Animal Hospital Open House on Saturday 9/28 from 1-3pm. I mean all of the people will be there to see me and pet me, not for all of the FREE raffle prizes! There will be these cool bags with treats and goodies for everyone, until they are gone. Everyone that shows up will get one free raffle ticket. And everyone that brings a bag of dog or cat food for the Stray Animal Adoption Program gets five FREE tickets! Or pet parents can buy 5 raffle tickets for $10. The raffle is like a chinese auction. ALL of the proceeds from the raffle go to SAAP. While I have a pretty awesome home, I think it’s cool to be able to support an organization that is helping other pets find homes! Oh you want a new fluffy friend? Well, SAAP will be bringing both puppies/dogs and kittens that are up for adoption! I am not eligible to win any prizes, so that means more for you! There will be great gift baskets, $10 heartworm tests, FREE dog/cat tag engraving, and FREE food! Check out our facebook page for updates of all of the baskets up for raffle! Oh yeah, I am so excited to meet everyone!

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