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The majority of the team at Riverview Animal Hospital are fear free certified professionals.  What does that mean for you and your owners?   Let’s start with our client service representatives (CSR).  What do they do that may be different from other hospitals?  When your owner first calls to make the appointment, they may ask about stressors (think other dogs, cats or even people) and they will make notes in the chart so that when you arrive you can go into the room immediately and not be stressed out.  Some of us pets need some anti-anxiety medications before vet visits, the CSR will make sure that your owner has enough at home.  When you arrive at the hospital, they will be the first person that I recommend that you beg for treats (trust me on this one- they love giving me treats!)  They also have these cool bandanas that they spray with a calming pheromone that you can wear and strut your stuff!  Or if you are nervous, they will take you and your owner into an exam room so you don’t get too stressed.  All cats are usually taken into a room right away so that they don’t have to go nose to nose with curious dogs like me!  If an exam room is unavailable they will cover the cat carrier with a towel (yes sprayed with the cat calming pheromone) so that the cats don’t have to even look at a dog!  Whew, that’s just what our client service representatives do.  We haven’t gotten to the technicians, assistants and doctors!  Let’s woof about them next time.