Sometimes all of the appointments are booked for the day and your pet is sick and needs to be examined the same day.  Riverview Animal Hospital prides itself in our 30 minute appointments and does not want to shorten those times or not be able to give everyone their individualized appointment time.  So we offer something called a daily admit.  This is when your pet would stay at the hospital for a whole day or part of the day.  The veterinarian will examine your pet in between appointments (sometimes it doesn’t take them 30 minutes to finish an appointment and we have people that don’t show up to their appointments.). Then the doctor will call you to discuss exam findings, treatment plans/costs, and diagnostic findings.


Here are some of the benefits:

  • The veterinarian and team will be able to monitor and watch your pet for the signs that you have described and watched at home. Sometimes 30 minutes isn’t enough time to see your pet doing the things that you are noticing at home.
  • Your pet will be examined earlier than waiting until an open appointment the next day.
  • Diagnostics can be completed in a step by step fashion, this could save you money (rather than doing all of the tests in a 30 minute appointment) and speed up the diagnostic process (instead of doing new tests several days in a row, we can proceed with the necessary testing all in one day.)


Daily admits mean cardboard boxes for your cat to hide or fleece blankets for your cat to burrow in (note:  your cat is not kept in a laundry basket.) in the quieter cat area. For your dogs, we will walk them and let them listen to classical music.  If we feel your pet is becoming stressed or anxious, we will contact you about giving them anti-anxiety medications or scheduling an earlier discharge. Our goal is to provide quality medicine in a timely fashion for our current clients while ensuring a fear free, stress free visit for your pet.  It is important to note, the earlier you call in the day the more likely we will be able to get your pet scheduled.