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Although I may look somewhat sad wearing an e-collar or cone of shame as some people call it, I wore it because I needed to.  They are recommended and prescribed from the veterinarian for a reason.  I had several masses removed and I am known for licking constantly.  They didn’t want me to lick my incision, so I had the e-collar on for a couple of weeks.

Ways To Make It Easier On You and Your Pet When They Have To Wear An E-collar

  • Take the e-collar off while your pet is eating or drinking
  • Take the e-collar off while you are taking your pet outside (on a leash) to go to the bathroom
  • Know that keeping it on for the directed amount of time is better (and shorter) than having them lick at the affected spot and then have to keep the e-collar on even longer


My Pet Looks So Sad, Why Was This Recommended?

  • Your veterinarian may not want your pet licking at a wound or non-healing spot on your pet’s body.  Keeping the e-collar on will hopefully help the area heal faster!
  • Your pet just had surgery and they can reach the incision site.  Licking at it may cause an infection or even worse they may accidentally remove the sutures or staples (which may mean more anesthesia and costs!)
  • Your pet may have an ear or eye problem that your veterinarian doesn’t want them to scratch at with their paws, as this can make the problem even worse.