Watson allergy testing

We are all probably aware of the scratching of the skin, shaking of the head, and licking of the feet that many dogs do.  Fortunately, I, Kyra, don’t have any of these problems!  But my brother, Watson, is not so fortunate.  Allergies in pets can be caused from so many different sources, just like in humans.  Pets can have food allergies, where they are allergic to certain ingredients (usually the protein sources and NOT the misconception of the grains) or even environmental allergies.  Environmental allergies can vary from season to season and potentially worsen as pets age.  Or worse, your pet can have BOTH food and environmental allergies!  This is a picture of Watson’s skin after he went to visit the dermatologist to be tested for environmental allergens.  The test is similar to when humans get tested, they poke the skin with the allergen and watch for a reaction around that spot.  Your vet is the best resource for helping determine which allergy is the most likely, the best test, and the best treatment to keep your pet comfortable!