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November is adopt a senior pet month.  While I was just a puppy when brought into the Mahan household, I am now considered a senior dog and can attest to all of the benefits that senior dogs provide!

  1. Senior pets are usually housebroken!  That means not getting up to let them outside every  few hours in the middle of the night.  (And sometimes they are even crate trained!)
  2. There is no guessing how big your dog is going to get, as a senior they are full grown.
  3. They (myself included) don’t have the same energy levels as puppies.  This is a great match for senior owners!
  4. Many shelters and rescues will let you adopt a senior pet at a decreased price, because they are often the most difficult to adopt out!  Even though they have just as much love and companionship to give!
  5. Senior pets are given up to shelters and rescues for many reasons, such as moving, deployment, not getting along with other pets or kids, etc.  It does not always mean that the senior pet has problems or behavioral issues!

So now as a senior dog, I’d encourage you to consider adopting a senior pet or at least not excluding them completely!  I know how much love we can give back to our owners!