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Today is world rabies day!  I am up to date on my rabies vaccine as well as all as Watson and Kuroi the cat!  Rabies vaccines are very safe for pets as it is a killed virus.  Depending on local and state regulations, your pet may be able to get the three year rabies vaccine after they have received the one year rabies vaccine.  It may also be mandatory for your pet to have the rabies vaccine!  Many people think that if their pet doesn’t go outside or come in contact with other animals that they don’t need the rabies vaccine.  Riverview animal hospital recommends rabies vaccines for all cats and dogs, as it can be a human health concern (we don’t want your pet accidentally biting anyone and not have them up to date on their rabies vaccine)!  Keeping your pets away from wildlife along with keeping them protected and up to date with their rabies vaccine is vital as rabies is preventable!