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While many people know that their dogs, like me Kyra, need to go to the vet some don’t realize the importance of taking their cat to the vet!  Here are some reasons to take your cat to the vet and ways to make it easier!

1.  Cats are great at hiding illnesses!  Monitoring for underlying diseases with routine blood work can help catch diseases early before they are harder to treat or manage.

2.  Use a hard carrier, that either opens from the top or that the top comes off easily.  We want your cat to be comfortable, even if that means examining them in the bottom of the carrier with the top off.  And we don’t believe in “dumping your cat out.”

3.  Over 50% of cats are overweight or obese.  Obesity can lead to heart disease, respiratory disease or even diabetes.  We can help come up with a plan to get your cat at a healthy weight.

4.  Don’t just pull the carrier out when it’s time to ride in the car to the vet’s office!  Get your kitten used to the carrier when they are little, leave it out, place treats or catnip in it as well.  Continue this when they are an adult!

5.  In multi-cat households it can be stressful when the cat comes home.  They may smell like the vet’s office and the cat that stayed home may become upset with the cat that left.  If there seems to be tension between them, keep them separated for 12-24 hours with their own food, water dish and litterbox until they have both calmed down.