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Kyra here, back on all of my feet!  Thanks to Watson for covering for me during my illness and recovery.  About 1 month ago, I was feeling really weak in my legs and within a day I couldn’t stand on any of my legs.  I had a form of wobblers syndrome.  This is a neurological condition where I couldn’t walk because of spinal cord compression in my neck.  I wasn’t showing any signs of weakness or wobbly before that dreadful day, it was so weird.  Thank goodness my mom knew to rush me to the specialist so I could have surgery.  First they did a myelogram (where they injected my spinal cord with dye to locate where the exact location of spinal cord was being compressed) then I went directly into surgery where the board certified surgeon fixed me up!  I stayed in the ICU for three days before getting to go home.  Thank goodness for a supportive Watson, who knew to leave me alone while I was in recovery and for great pet parents that did rehabilitation work with me.  I really enjoyed the laser therapy sessions that definitely helped with the healing process.  If you want to learn more about wobblers and intervertebral disc disease in dogs check out this website:

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