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Watson here, filling in Kyra, she’s recovering from a pretty serious surgery, hopefully she’ll be able to fill you in next time!  I wanted to bark up the right tree about pet poisons, as you can see I have been studying up to keep informed!  The third week of March is Pet Poison Prevention week.  If you ever accidentally (or purposely mischievously) eat something that your owner is unsure of if it’s poisonous or not, they should call your vet.  Not all poisons are treated/corrected the same and all have different degrees of toxicity so the sooner they call the better!  If your regular vet is closed, don’t wait until the next morning to call, instead call an emergency vet.  In the January-March RAH newsletter (found on the website), Dr. Mahan talks about five different poisons.  Do you know what gorilla glue can do a dog’s stomach?  YIKES!  And did you know that acetaminophen (Tylenol) can be super toxic to cats?  Whew, better keep Kuroi cat away from that stuff! A great website for your owners is:

I know we’re all stir crazy with this weather, so stay safe and don’t start eating things that you shouldn’t as they could be poisonous!  Back to my “studying” I go!


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