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Puppies (and sometimes myself) need toys to play with and entertain us.  For puppies such as Watson, they are teething and need appropriate toys to chew on.  Giving him a variety of toys not only keeps his busy little body occupied but also deters him from chewing on my bed and people things (such as shoes.)  It is important to know that our teeth can break and wear down if given hard things to chew on.  We never get hard bones as our parents worry about our dental health.  Most of the time we get chew toys and treats that are bendable.  We are also never given toys (or treats) for the first time unsupervised.  For example, Watson is a daschund mix so he loves to burrow, he recently got a new toy that is tree stump with holes in it where he can get the squeaky squirrels out of the tree.  Thankfully he was given the toy while being supervised, as he got his head stuck in tree!  Unfortunately this only gave me several seconds of peace and quiet from him as our parents took it off of his head pretty quickly!  Needless to say when they leave him, he only gets the toy squirrels in his crate.

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