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This week is wrapping up National Dog Bite Prevention Week!  Did you know that any dog is capable of biting, even me (though it’s never happened.)  Let me tell you some of the situations where I could bite!

I should never be bothered while I am eating, although Kuroi the cat has yet to figure this out, don’t worry he gets a warning bark first.  I should also never be disturbed while I am sleeping, there is a reason for the saying, “Let a sleeping dog lie.”  Unfortunately I did growl and snap once at my owners when they were trying to pet me and gently rub me to wake me up when I was in a deep sleep and snoring loudly.  The right way to wake me up would have been saying my name loudly.  With Watson around, I have been playing more and truthfully I have been more sore.  If someone were to pet me where I was sore I might whine and walk away, but some dogs could bite out of pain.  I am thankful that I am a well socialized dog, but some dogs are afraid of people and do not like to be approached.  I appreciate it when people ask for my owner’s permission to approach and pet me!  While I have not bitten anyone yet, I don’t want to add to the 4.5 million bites that occur annually, and that is possible through prevention!

So remember, don’t bother me when I am eating or sleeping (or when Watson and I are sleeping!)

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