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The first of the month means only one thing!

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I’m a pretty lucky girl!  I’m spoiled and I know it, I only wish I would get spoiled with the yummy treats more than once a month!  You see, once a month I get a treat called Heartgard Plus, it’s a heartworm preventive.  Meaning if I were to get bit by a mosquito the active ingredient in the heartgard kills the larvae before it can mature into an adult worm and travel to my heart.  The chewy treat also deworms me for the most common parasites.  Recently I also started getting another treat, called Nexgard.  I could eat the whole box, that’s how much I love this treat!  Nexgard kills fleas within 4 hours and also kills ticks!  And guess what, I am protected from all of that without having that greasy liquid put on my back!  It’s pretty cool I think, to be rewarded and prevent diseases at the same time!  I realize that there are some dogs out there that are picky or may not have all of their teeth so they don’t like eating treats, well there are other options!  But luckily for Watson and I, we will continue to get both yummy treats every 30 days (even in the winter)!

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