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People say cats are easy and that they are self-sufficient.  Not me the dog, I enjoy getting taken for walks, being fed treats and getting a new toy (especially the fluffy ones with squeakers!)  But a lot of times, people forget about their cats enrichment needs and that they too need to play.  I know that a lot of cats live indoors exclusively and that makes them exercise less and then they can become FAT!  Not only that, but when cats are bored they can get into trouble!  Not saying boredom causes a lot of the annoying cat behaviors, but a lot of time enrichment will help decrease those behaviors.  Giving them the stimulation and an outlet to “hunt” for their food helps release some of their innate prey drive.  I know my brother, Kuroi cat, really enjoys when they leave out his special “mice” filled with treats or food for him to hunt.  He can use it as a meal replacement or when they go on vacation they leave him some mice to go hunting for!  (There are so many toys and enrichment feeders out there, this brand is called Doc & Phoebe’s indoor hunting cat feeder. And nope, unfortunately I get no extra treats for recommending them.)

Now go enrich your cat’s life (note this may or may not include your participation) and while they are busy plotting against you, you can walk the dog:)  – Watson