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Well it’s September and that means the beginning of fall (and allergy season!) I know that I am a lucky doberwoman because I don’t have allergies. There are many different things that can cause allergies, and sometimes there are even multiple causes. Visiting your veterinarian is your best bet to getting allergies under control! The three most common types of allergies can come from food, the environment and fleas! I will talk about food and environmental allergies later. For now, let’s talk about fleas….yuck!

I am lucky to have a pet parent that gives me monthly flea prevention, I’d rather prevent them then have to get rid of them. Dogs and cats are actually allergic to the saliva from the flea after they bite. Not all pets are allergic, but if you are allergic to fleas, all it takes is ONE bite! Fleas can be found on your pet if they live indoors only (as I’m sure you owners do walk outside and then can bring them in), they live through any season (yes they are found on pets even when there is snow on the ground) and the fleas can jump back and forth between pets (so all animals in the house should be protected.) Is your skin itching yet? If you think your pet has fleas (or allergies) don’t wait to call your vet so they can come up with a treatment plan specifically for your pet!