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I can’t say that I have actually ever consumed raw meat.  I mean who wouldn’t love to jump up on the counter and eat a fresh filet mignon?  I’m sure there are plenty of people that would love to eat ice cream and chips all day, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy.  Would your owner eat raw hamburger?  Than why should we pets consume raw meat?  I know that there are no scientific studies done showing the benefits of raw meat, and some may say the dog’s ancestor the wolf ate raw meat.  Wolves’ lifespans are much shorter than the domesticated dog and honestly I hope to live as long as possible!  There is another thought that cooking the meat will destroy the enzymes needed for digestion, well guess what, my gut already has all of the enzymes needed to digest food!

I am glad that I don’t eat a raw meat diet mostly because of the risks associated with it.  Most raw food diets are not balanced and are usually deficient in calcium and minerals (even if bone is ground up and added to raw meat.)  The main concern is the human health effects.  Did you know that raw meat carries Salmonella and other viruses that we could get sick from and our owners could get sick too?  Not only that, we may not get sick from it but be shedding the virus in the environment!  I think I am going to keep enjoying my balanced and food safe commercially prepared kibble!

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