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This Christmas I had to deal with a new puppy.  Meet Watson!  He is about 12 weeks old and is from the stray animal adoption program.  He is a daschund mix and boy is he cute (don’t tell my parents that I am warming up to him.)  Thankfully I still get the same amount of attention as before.  He was slowly introduced to me so that I wasn’t too overwhelmed and he is never around me unsupervised. Could you imagine me stepping on him accidentally or him trying to lick my face, gross.  Kuroi is warming up very slowly to Watson.  Kuroi still gets plenty of cuddles and treats.  Not to mention there are plenty of high, quiet places for him to go to escape the licks of Watson.  Don’t worry about the cat, he can stand up for himself!  I will be interested to see if Watson is as smart of a puppy as I once was, I can’t wait to tell you about our new adventures!

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