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10 Holiday Hazards (In no order of things that I would like to eat or get into)

  1. Pine needles:  Cats can get really sick stomachs if they eat the pine needles and even drinking the water!  Thank goodness we have a fake tree!
  2. Table scraps:  I reluctantly repeat this a lot, as even I would enjoy some table scraps every once and awhile.  But I know that I don’t get them for my safety.  High fatty foods can be a trigger for pancreatitis in dogs.
  3. Ribbons and Wrapping Paper:  While I don’t find any great joy in playing with these, I know Mr. Kuroi cat does!  But if he ate them, they could cause an obstruction or a really bad belly ache!
  4. Electric cords:  While I know that they are normally around the house it seems like there are more shiny objects and bright lights at this time of year!  If we chew on the cords, it could cause severe damage to our mouths or even worse…death!  Yikes!
  5. Festive toxic plants:  I am honestly satisfied with my diet so I don’t chew on any plants, but the same is not true for Watson or Kuroi!  That’s why we don’t have any of these plants in our house EVER!  Did you know holly, mistletoe, lilies/amaryllis and even poinsettias are toxic?
  6. Unsafe presents for pets:  We love presents, who doesn’t?  But it’s important to make sure that we get presents that are not too small for us to swallow, or are too hard for our teeth (broken teeth sounds painful).  The rule of thumb is that it is wider than our noses and that it’s a little flexible and has some give in it!
  7. Toxic treats:  Everyone knows chocolate is bad for pets, but so is the artificial sweetener, xylitol.  So don’t eat any candy or gum with it in it!
  8. Tinsel:  Just like ribbon, tinsel can cause a severe obstruction or even cut through the intestines!  Ouch!  The tinsel is so long that the intestines can’t pass it through and it can cause severe damage.  I don’t think pets want to spend their holiday getting better at a hospital than be home with their family, so keep that tinsel away from us!
  9. Unstable Trees: Kuroi used to try to run and jump into the tree and he had high hopes of knocking it over, but he learned quickly that it was weighted down and pretty stable.  It was a good thing for him too, as he could have been hurt!
  10. New years noise phobias:  No matter what holiday you celebrate, there will most likely be extra visitors taking up your couch and taking up your pet parents attention.  Hopefully you can chill out in your crate or in a quiet bedroom until you can adjust to the new changes and noises!


So remember to try not to get into of these things and to try to relax during all of this craziness!  Hopefully your pet parents will keep you safe this season, but if an accident happens they should call your veterinarian immediately!

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