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I know that the holidays are near when my owners put up a giant tree that Kuroi loves to sleep under, when they are frantically cleaning with that loud machine that sucks up my hair off the floor, and when there are yummy smells in the air.  I guess I am thankful that my owners realize that food does not equal love.  I’ve heard that there are many foods during the holiday season that can be toxic to us pets.  For example, turkey skins (or any fatty food) can cause a pretty bad stomachache and sometimes even pancreatitis.  Whew, that’s a hard word to woof.  Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas that can lead to vomiting, dehydration and even days of hospitalization!  Turkey bones (any bones really) can also lead to stomach/intestinal problems in pets.  The bones can splinter and break and actually get stuck or cause cuts in our intestines; that can be pretty serious!  Even though I would love to taste everything too, I will just have to be thankful for a warm, sheltered house where I just get to enjoy the aromas of Thanksgiving!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

(PS- No I didn’t actually eat human food for this picture, and yes this is the first time I have ever been allowed on the counter….crazy people…)

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