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Client Forms

Before your visit please feel free to read over and print the appropriate forms for your visit. If you do not have time or forget, don’t worry! We will have the forms available for you!

New Client Form: First-time clients please feel free to print this off, fill it out, and bring it in with you to your pet’s first visit!

Authorization for Anesthesia: This form is for any pet having surgery and going to be under general anesthesia. We at Riverview Animal Hospital want to meet you and your pet before your pet is ever put under general anesthesia! It is important that our veterinarians do a comprehensive physical exam to make sure your pet is healthy enough for anesthesia. It is also important that you know what to expect after surgery in regards to healing times, possible complications, and medications your pet may be taking. The team will also go over the treatment plan with you so that you know what to expect!

Dental Consent Form:  Please look over this form for any pet that is having a dental cleaning or teeth extractions. Dental radiographs are vital to determining any underlying dental disease that is not visible just by looking at your pet’s teeth.

Sedation Form:  Sometimes your pet may need to be sedated, this is different from general anesthesia.  They can have food and water prior to sedation.  This is an injection that we give and after the procedure is complete, we gave them another injection that reverses the first and they wake up within 10-15 minutes.  We want your pet to pain-free and have a fear-free experience so they may need to be sedated for a wound repair, nail trim, deep ear cleaning, blood draws or to be able to position them properly for radiographs.