• Ideal Body Weight

    Apr 20 2016

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    I know no one really likes to talk about weight or body condition, but it’s so important to our health!  Both diet and exercise are important to keeping both us…

  • Happy April Fools Day!

    Apr 01 2016

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    Happy April Fools Day!  No I am not here to play a trick on you, but to tell you about how your cat may be playing a trick on you!…

  • Hypothyroidism

    Mar 11 2016

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    As a doberwoman, I am predisposed to hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormones).  And believe me, I have already been tested for it!  It is a disease that affects dogs most commonly.  Signs…

  • Mutt Madness 2016

    Feb 20 2016

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    Watson here to tell you about Riverview’s Mutt Madness!  All you need to do is submit your pet’s picture to our email: info@riverviewpets.com or post it on facebook with the…

  • RAH team meetings

    Jan 29 2016

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    As a mascot of Riverview, I am proud of the awesome team that works at RAH.  (Have you ever looked at the logo?  That’s me, Kyra!)  The first Friday of every…

  • Nail Trimming

    Jan 11 2016

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    Hi it’s me Kuroi, the cat, here.  I hope you all had a great holiday and enjoyed the days off to spend with your families.  I know that I enjoyed…

  • Cat Friendly Day

    Nov 17 2015

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    While I may be a friendly doberwoman I am aware that some cats may not see me as being a friend but rather a foe. That’s why Riverview is hosting…

  • Safe Chew Toys

    Nov 06 2015

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    As a mature doberwoman I don’t enjoy chewing on things as much as I did when I was a puppy. Now, don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good bone…

  • Declawing

    Oct 16 2015

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    While I am no cat and know that I get to keep my toes, I hear people talk about declawing. My brother, Kuroi cat, has all of his toes. He…

  • Flea Allergy

    Sep 03 2015

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    Well it’s September and that means the beginning of fall (and allergy season!) I know that I am a lucky doberwoman because I don’t have allergies. There are many different…