• Safe Travels

    Nov 29 2017

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    With the holidays approaching, many of us pets will be traveling in the car visiting friends and family.  It is important that both us dogs and also cats are properly…

  • Enrichment Toys

    Nov 08 2017

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    Watson here filling in for Kyra, because Kyra doesn’t get into any trouble.  As you can see I DO get myself into trouble!  This is me (trying to look innocent)…

  • Cat Facts and Fiction

    Sep 06 2017

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    Kuroi the cat here, filling in for Kyra.  I mean I should know more about cats because I am one…. 1.  Indoor cats do NOT need flea prevention………..FICTION!  Indoor cats…

  • Living with a baby

    Aug 16 2017

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    Watson here, filling in for Kyra.  So I now live with a little human.  Things have definitely changed but thankfully some things are still the same.  I still get fed…

  • Heat Stroke

    Jul 26 2017

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    Heat stroke can be a very scary thing in our pets!  Fortunately I am not left outside too long and no Watson does not bundle up like this when it…

  • Allergies in Pets

    Jun 14 2017

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    We are all probably aware of the scratching of the skin, shaking of the head, and licking of the feet that many dogs do.  Fortunately, I, Kyra, don’t have any of…

  • Why does my pet need an e-collar?

    Apr 15 2017

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    Although I may look somewhat sad wearing an e-collar or cone of shame as some people call it, I wore it because I needed to.  They are recommended and prescribed…

  • Help for dogs that are scared of storms, fireworks, loud noises

    Mar 09 2017

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    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Noise aversion can be common in our pet dogs!  Our pets can be afraid of storms, fireworks, rain, construction, buses, celebrations, and the list goes on.  Riverview Animal Hospital is…

  • The most commonly fractured tooth (and the importance of dental radiographs)

    Feb 22 2017

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    While most people probably don’t lift their dog’s lips to check their teeth, my teeth and Watson’s teeth commonly get examined.  Go figure, we’re owned by a veterinarian.  Thankfully we…

  • Cold Weather Safety

    Dec 12 2016

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    I admit, I don’t really NEED a winter coat, but I do think it looks cute on me.  I am not outside in the snow or cold long enough for…