• What is a daily admission to Riverview Animal Hospital?

    Jun 18 2020

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    Sometimes all of the appointments are booked for the day and your pet is sick and needs to be examined the same day.  Riverview Animal Hospital prides itself in our…

  • Surgical Post Op Care- Top 10 Tips

    May 06 2020

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    After surgery we want owners to be able to relax and not add any stress while their pets are healing.  At Riverview Animal Hospital, we make sure that we do…

  • Social Distancing…From Your Owners

    Mar 30 2020

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    Hey Watson here, I have stolen a few minutes away from my people to type this up.  These are crazy times right now, I mean why are there always people…

  • Cat Enrichment

    Feb 26 2020

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    People say cats are easy and that they are self-sufficient.  Not me the dog, I enjoy getting taken for walks, being fed treats and getting a new toy (especially the fluffy…

  • Losing a pet- through the eyes of your other pets

    Jan 29 2020

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    It has almost been a year and half since I lost my buddy, Kyra.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the cat, Kuroi, too.  But playing with another dog is…

  • Pet foods…What should I feed?

    Jul 31 2018

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    During July 2018, Dr. Mahan was given the opportunity to visit the Hill’s Pet Nutrition Center and a manufacturing plant where all of their canned food is made.  Here she’ll…

  • Ways we try to make your pet’s vet visit fear free

    Mar 14 2018

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    I am a pretty easy going doberwoman, but even the dogs that act like they are not afraid can have anxiety and stress.  I am excited to say that Dr.…

  • What really goes into a dental cleaning?

    Feb 05 2018

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    What really goes into a dental cleaning? When you hear dental cleaning what do you think of?  Sitting at your dentist office having your teeth scaled and polished?  While we…

  • A cup is a cup…not always…

    Jan 08 2018

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    When you visit the vet’s office they usually ask, “What are you feeding and how much?”  A common answer is “a cup.”  Technically a cup is 8oz, but as you…

  • Safe Travels

    Nov 29 2017

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    With the holidays approaching, many of us pets will be traveling in the car visiting friends and family.  It is important that both us dogs and also cats are properly…