When you visit the vet’s office they usually ask, “What are you feeding and how much?”  A common answer is “a cup.”  Technically a cup is 8oz, but as you can see from this picture not all “cups” are the same size.  It is important that everyone in the household is feeding the correct amount and ideally using a true measuring cup!  If someone is using a large red solo cup and only feeding “1 cup” a day because the food bag says feed 1 cup a day, your pet is probably going to be overweight because you are overfeeding them!  Just like in people, weight gain is from too many calories or not enough exercise.  So this year let’s help keep our pets healthy by making sure that you are accurately measuring out their food!

Riverview Animal Hospital is excited to launch a weight loss program January- March 2018.  Your pet will be started on a prescription diet that is made specifically for weight loss.  They will have measurements taken and have monthly weigh ins.  You will also receive a free bag of treats and small complimentary bag of food.  Contact us to learn more information!