With the holidays approaching, many of us pets will be traveling in the car visiting friends and family.  It is important that both us dogs and also cats are properly restrained so that everyone is safe!

For cats it is recommended to have them in a carrier.  This means they are not running around your lap or worse your feet by the gas and brake pedals!!  Carriers should be secured safely and preferably on the floor by the back seat.  For dogs, we too should be safely restrained.  Not only does this provide your owner with less distractions as they are driving, but it also protects us dogs from any injury during a sudden stop or even an accident.  Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to stick their head out of the window as debris can fly up and hit them in the face, or worse yet they could accidentally jump out of the window.  There are many seat belt and restraint options for us pets.  Check out the centerforpetsafety.org  for more information!  So even though we try really hard to look cute and innocent by jumping into the front seat (as I have shown here) it is not the safest place for our pets.