Yes I know I can look very sad in a cage!  This is a picture of me, Kyra, after I was anesthetized for a dental cleaning.  I am not normally crated but my brother, Watson, is always in a cage if he is not being supervised.  Many owners think that crate training is cruel punishment but really it is an important part of training any dog!  I was crate trained as a puppy and now as an adult if I go somewhere new I can get put in a crate without becoming anxious.  Watson has to be crated for his own safety because he is destructive.

Crates are our safe place and allows us a place to go when we want to sleep, get away from noisy visitors, or to even stay calm during storms.  There are different types of crates and many different tricks to getting your dog used to the crate.  But there are some circumstances (ie very anxious dogs with separation anxiety) that should not be crated if they are not already crate trained.  Your veterinarian can help work with you and your dog to work towards getting them crate trained!