I know no one really likes to talk about weight or body condition, but it’s so important to our health!  Both diet and exercise are important to keeping both us dogs and cats at healthy weights.  I know in the winter months, I am not fed as much, because I am not as active.  When I get boarded I am fed extra, because I get a TON more exercise there.  Most people think you shouldn’t be able to feel your pet’s ribs.  But in reality, you should be able to!  Your pet should have a curve to them when looking down on them, not the straight through “ottoman” look!  Being a healthy weight and body condition has proven to not only extend our lives, but helps with heart disease and joint disease (just like in people!)  With winter behind us, it’s important to get into good shape and keep a healthy body condition!  Check out the chart to see where your dog “weighs” in!  And if you’re worried about your pet’s weight, don’t hesitate to call us to set up an appointment to discuss different weight loss strategies!