Hi it’s me Kuroi, the cat, here.  I hope you all had a great holiday and enjoyed the days off to spend with your families.  I know that I enjoyed all of the treats, new catnip toys and attention I received!  In preparation for my family visiting me I had to endure some grooming.  You see, I live indoors only, I have all of my nails (thankfully).  While I do scratch on my scratching posts (while I get treats and pets for using my scratching post), I still need to have my nails trimmed.  At first, I was reluctant to it, but now I know that I get plenty of high value treats as a reward.  My nails are trimmed about every 4-6 weeks or so, depending on how long they are getting.  I have heard cat nails are pretty easy to trim, just cut about 1/4″ from the pink part (aka the quick or blood vessel).  Pet stores sell nail clippers and quick stop powder (in case you accidentally make a nail bleed).  If your owners can’t trim your nails (whether you’re a dog, cat, or rabbit), the RAH team can set up for a tech appointment where you run in for a quick mani/pedi and then you’re on your way feeling great!