Jul 23 2015

Riverview Rendezvous – 9/19/15

Hi folks it’s been a while!  I know it sure has been a busy summer for me so I can only imagine how your summer has been!  As you can see we have a new website, we have an instagram page ( @riverviewanimalhospital ) and now I am getting excited for our third annual Open House!  This year there will be some fun stuff, I am most excited about the popcorn machine, I love popcorn!!  I know that the team is busy getting ready to show off the hospital and to bring you some fun games (check out facebook for updates!)  As always it is our way of giving back to our awesome clients so there will be free goodie bags and chances to win prizes.  We want to give back and help out the animals too, so if you bring a bag of pet food for the Stray Animal Adoption Program you will get a free raffle ticket.  And they are getting the money collected from the raffle and games!  I’m so excited to see you all!  (Yes, that’s me in the Rendezvous flier!!)

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