While I am no spring chicken, I still consider myself a dancing doberwoman. I still enjoy greeting my owners when they get home and chasing my somewhat annoying brother, Kuroi the cat. Although I am starting slow down. My joints ache when I am laying in my bed too long, while being on watchful duty of the house of course! While I was great patient and had radiographs done, I guess I just have the beginnings of arthritis. Luckily I have taken yummy supplements to help with my arthritis and recently I got to enjoy an amazing delicious new food! It’s called J/D. No no no I didn’t get my law degree, it’s a food for joint disease. Granted it’s a prescription diet, but I love the smell and I am so thankful that it helps with my arthritis! Riverview Animal Hospital carries a full line of prescription diets for anything and everything, from weight loss, kidney disease, bladder disease and joint disease.

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