The Iditarod sled dog race is finishing up in Alaska, it’s been fun to watch this year. Many people probably don’t know that Dr. Mahan used to race sled dogs. My late sister, Cheyenne, was Dr. Mahan’s last sled dog. I remember how much Cheyenne LOVED the snow, she did not want to come inside. Cheyenne raced in Wisconsin, Michigan and even Alaska where she finished the Jr. Iditarod sled dog race. I realize that there are probably skeptics out there about racing sled dogs and people may perceive it inhumane. Well let me tell you, the stories Cheyenne told me about running and racing showed me how much she loved it. She said that when she saw a harness come out she couldn’t stop jumping up and down and lunging because she wanted to run! Running made her happy and it was her natural instinct; just like Retrievers like to fetch, huskies like to run. Some people are shocked by the size and frame of the Alaskan huskies racing, but think about it, do you see sumo wrestlers running the Boston Marathon!?!? Sled dogs are lean, muscular athletes. Yes, I may be drooling with envy that I don’t have the same figure as Cheyenne. While I’m lucky to live where there are cars for transportation, in Alaska some people still depend on sled dogs or snowmachines for transportation, so it’s a way of life! Even though I know I am not a sled dog, I am proud of my fellow canines! Happy Trails!

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