Jun 01 2015

Enrichment Time at Kyra’s House

While I don’t enjoy it when I am left home by myself, I LOVE it when I get enrichment toysJ Some days it is a regular kong, usually it’s my other kong (the kong wobbler) with even yummier treats, that I don’t get as often so I am really excited when I get them! It makes the time fly by when I am home alone! Now, Kuroi on the other hand, he’s silly. His enrichment is sometimes treats hidden around the house. Oh brother, such a novice, he is definitely food motivated! Which makes him really excited for his slim cat ball, it’s a plastic ball that has either treats or his breakfast in it that comes out of holes as he bats it around. There are definitely many different tricks to getting a cat to use the ball though and the staff at RAH has many other enrichment ideas for your pet!

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