I enjoy my big, soft bed. And I enjoy it more when there is peace. For me, peace means not having a puppy chase me or lick my ears. Thankfully Watson goes in his crate when it is night time. Boy, he put up a fight in the beginning (him crying was definitely not peaceful), but he is learning how it can be a safe place for him! He gets fed in there (also giving me peace when I eat), there are toys in there for him, and he gets a treat whenever he runs in it on his own (I have seen them hide treats in there for him to find too.) Watson is never put in his crate when he is bad, it shouldn’t be a scary place for him. And he is never allowed out of the crate or given attention when he is crying in the crate (that just means more attention for Kuroi and I!) Crate training is good to not only give me peace but also my pet parents peace, knowing that Watson isn’t chewing things he shouldn’t be! (And it means Kuroi can relax and enjoy Watson’s bed!)

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